The PS Vita has Traveled the Compactness

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The new PlayStation Vita uses a new media format like the PS Vita card. This small flash memory cartridge loading game data and allows you to wear cartridge games like the Nintendo DS or similar carrier. However, the format change for the PlayStation Portable with previously purchased games on the compatibility of previous versions of the PlayStation Vita questions many people depend on. Fortunately, Sony has offered a variety of features in the Vita, you can enjoy older games and content on the new device.

Network PlayStation White Support

By registering your PS Vita with your PlayStation Network account, you can download all PSOne Classics, PS Mini's and most PSP downloads you previously purchased. Downloads are added by PSP because the games have been tested for full compatibility.

PS Vita backwards compatible with Universal Media Disc

With the move to PS Vita card, a reader UMD does not have the Vita. At present, no known plan is being made to publish an external UMD reader for PS Vita. If using the UMD Passport program, you can record games you must use your PSP on UMD. This way you can download versions of games supported at a discounted price from the PlayStation Vita Store. Simply download the UMD Passport application on your PSP, launch the application, run all UMD games on PS Vita and follow the on-screen instructions. The process on the PSP, you start the PlayStation Vita Store and check your discounts in the PSP download area after graduation.

Graphics for PSP Downloads

Some small features are available for PSP downloads, which allows you to optimize the images for display. With the significant increase in resolution and PSP size of the Vita screen, there are sharp edges and visible inconsistencies in the eyes of many PSP games.

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