Tips for Buying a Digital Camera Lens

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Your goal is an essential element for a good photo. It's not just your camera. People spend thousands of dollars on a good camera and pass the lens.

Make sure you buy a good camera when buying a camera. Buy neglect as good, but do not have a good camera lens a good camera.

Why? The camera is only the "support" of photography. The lens is what your camera sees all of your recordings. A good lens for clear, sharp images.

With most compact digital cameras, you can not change the lens. Buy not only a good camera so in this case make sure there is a good lens.

Avoid lens digital camera because plastic has the brightness of a glass lens.

Which lens model?

Stick with lenses from reputable manufacturers cameras like Nikon, Canon and Pentax. Make sure you purchase a lens that works with your camera. A camera's Nikon lens is usually not good with a Canon camera.

There are manufacturers of special lenses, such as Carl Zeiss, Leica and Leupold.

Camera Lens Types

The lenses are often used: wide angle, normal and tele. The nature of the lens is determined by the focal length of the lens. A zoom lens only one lens (or somewhere in between) changes the focal length of the wide angle to a telephoto.

There are some things to look for when buying a camera lens.

Lens focal length

The focal length of the lens determines the amount of magnification and angle of view that the lens can see. It is the focal length that determines whether the lens:

- Wide viewing angle; Low magnification, wide viewing angle. 20mm 35mm

- Traditional or normal; 50mm

- Tele; High magnification, narrow viewing angle; 105mm to 300mm.

- Zoom; A zoom lens can change the focal length again. A zoom lens can have a focal length of 50 mm and 150 mm.

Some lenses are interchangeable between movie cameras and digital cameras, but you should be aware that the effective focal length varies between movie and digital. The focal lengths I described above for movie cameras and need to be multiplied by 1.6 to get the effective focal length in a digital camera. Then, using a 35mm lens on a digital camera has a focal length of 56mm.

This means that you are not the largest angle in a digital camera that uses the same lens as on a movie camera. A 35mm lens a large average angle in a movie camera A digital camera works like a conventional lens give.

This is a complex issue, so I'm not going to much in detail here.

Light intensity

The "speed" of a digital camera lens also determines a lens. Faster lenses are more expensive and usually heavier.

Focus distance

This is the minimum distance from the camera lens to sharpen on a subject.

Advanced features

The most expensive lenses have more advanced features.

- Vibration reduction. A function called vibration reduction "keeps the images sharper when shooting in low light. Try to find a digital camera lens with this feature.

- USM USM ultrasonic motor vehicles.

- Threaded filter. As a midway decent lens to buy, it must have a filter thread. Even if you do not filter the time. The most expensive lenses have a larger number of glass elements in the lens, making it even harder as a rule.

End notes

While it's important to choose a good quality lens camera for beginners, it's not as important as a good composition. A poor compostable image will not be large with an excellent camera lens.

The importance of a good quality lens discount. A good rule is to simply add your lens collection, if you have a specific need for a specific lens digital camera.

Do your research and homework and find the lens that suits you and your camera.

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