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Almost everything is assured. The increase of the drones, especially among the civilian population, the need to add drones to the list of insured goods. If you do business and make money with drones, it's a wise idea to have your (s) drone (s) insured.

Getting drones security would also be good for your business. Your customers would feel safe and wanted to do business with you. This would keep your customers and help new customers.

drone insurance

We all know that the requests increased drone use much of his original military use. Now people with drones for commercial and individual purposes. In the near future you will often see drones flying over you.

With the increasing number of drones being accidents. They could build a building in another drone or get worse on one level. Even now, the pilots reported 25 missions following drone. If this is the price now, imagine what will the future deadlines?

In addition to the mysterious nature of the drones, many people can take offense when his drone hover over your home or office. The American Civil Liberties Union has called for rules for using drones, not preventing the company from going to a "controlled society."

UAV types of insurance:

From now on, if you are not commercial drone users, homeowners would have enough insurance. If you are a commercial user of drones, no matter how big your operation, you must be insured of your UAVs.

Drone safe:

Here you get a safe drone is not that easy. You must show that you are serious about using drones. You have to prove that you have some experience in flying drones. This may include copies of manuals, sales records and the purchase of drones and drone parts and the training test.

Insurance company:

Most insurers only provide the drones for the following actions:

· Agriculture

· Archeology

· Construction

· Emergency Response

· Evaluation and monitoring of the environment

· Meeting of knowledge and information

· Enforcement of the law

· Movies and documentaries

· Security

· Sea transport and maritime

· Website protection and monitoring

· Traffic Patrol and Support

· Transport Maintenance

Type of accidents:

The following are the accidents currently covered with different UAV insurance:

· The loss of the drone

· Partial or total loss of drone

· Used to be

· Abduction

· Terrorism

· Personal damage

· Fire

Cost of insurance:

The Drone insurance is in principle divided into two parts: liability and compensation in the hull. The nature of responsibility, that's the damage that would be suffered by third parties, while the damage to the hull damage is being used to your own drone.

Some companies offer liability insurance, as well as other damage to the hull and some for both.

Requirements for insurance intermediaries:

Insurance also has a number of requirements. In general, they would have the number of hours of flying drone. The drones owners are required in some cases to be exempted from FAA FAA 333 333.

Insurance also wants to know whether the drone is owned or rented. They are curious whether to save the drone for flight data, etc. Finally, they want to know and fly the areas that the drone flew in the future.


Um, first decide insurance, with which company you want. You must have quotes from different companies.

The form will ask a number of questions about the owner's information, the type of coverage and the cost of equipment, operating locations and the number of flight hours, training level and number of previous accidents, etc. After filling in the form, The private company responds with the quote.


The following is a list of some insurance companies dealing with drones. The list does not contain all companies and maybe not the best, but they are enough:

· Air Park


· Avion insurance

· Avalon Risk Management

· Coverdrone

· Driessen Assuadeuren

· Harpenau Insurance

· Sky smith

· James Sutton Incorporated

· Risk management without management

So, this was a modest attempt to inform you about how to get your insured drone. In summary, their homes want those who have not received any drones insurance for lame or public, free and for recreational purposes, because the homeowner has enough insurance.

Those who use UAVs for commercial purposes really need to get their insured drones and must now be considered as sure of their drones. Perhaps over time, perhaps the laws that the drones over insurance are much clearer and dominated the entire insurance sector.

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