Today, it's Popular for Running of the Bulls

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Pamplona, ​​Spain, was founded in an ancient city in 75 BC. Originally Pompeópolis, after the great general Pompey, is the capital of the province of Navarre, named in northeastern Spain. The Visigoths, Franks and Mothers many times in the city then it was the capital of the Basque Kingdom of Pamplona, ​​later the Kingdom of Navarre.

Today, it's popular for "misleading" or "Running of the Bull." St. Fermin was the first bishop of Pamplona.

In this very colorful festival, bulls and people cross the street to the arena where amateur bullfighting. The festival starts on July 6th, and the function of the bulls takes place every morning from 7th to 14th of July. It starts with men and boys in front of the holy niche for singing and singing singing. The total distance is about 825 meters.

The words "encierro" means environment and the police are literally confined to an area and maintained. The first rocket announces the opening of the gates of the houses where the bulls are kept. The second rocket indicates that the bulls leave and are on the road. You are guided by the narrow streets. This match between the bull and man needs a demonstration of courage and skill. But with the masses getting bigger every year, people barely pull out and just move the bull and bring the creature.

The longest part of the route is called Calle Estafeta, which leads to a narrow track Calle Duque de Ahumada, also known as the Telefónica road. A third rocket rises to indicate that the bulls are in their pens and that the bull run is over. There are many rules that govern the Bull Run. Boys under the age of 18 can not enter. Breaking the barrier puts himself in the wrong place, except for the guards instructions, drunk or under the influence of drugs, taking pictures of forbidden places, wearing the wrong clothes are just some of the things that are forbidden.

The population of the city is usually only 100,000, which shows the great popularity of "El encierro".

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