Various Career in Electronic Engineering

A career in electronics offers a variety of career paths. Assembly, production and custom electronics with regard to the most important tasks. Electrical and Electronic Engineers account for almost a third of professional technicians in the industry. It is a work document, systems, devices or components based on scientific knowledge about the effects and electronic behavior. Each part of the equipment uses electricity to work. The main components are transistors, resistors, diodes and capacitors.

Electronic applications are generous. They include satellite communications and radio, robotics, nanotechnology, mobile phones, medical equipment, defense and acoustics. Here are some of the most popular professions in this area:

Repair and installation

Repair Electronic Engineering

Many electronics work area in the repair and installation. The ability to gain profound knowledge of theory and practice is required. Experts in repair and install work in a shop or on a workfloor.


Prototype Electronic Engineering

A special area includes the area of ​​prototype engineers. A technical prototype requires sufficient skills and communication solutions so that they can provide a written report on the operation of the prototype.

Mechanical electro

Mechanical electro Electronic Engineering

The mechanical electro is a small part of the electronics industry. They work with a variety of computer-mechanical systems. A shared computer is concerned with robotics. This is a technique involving different disciplines (mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering).

To search

To search Electronic Engineering

Another option in the field of electrical engineering, including research. A-paper research is more concerned with the study of experimental shapes and accepted technical standards. Continue with a large number of professionals in this discipline, the electronic and electrical professionals of the future.

Whether it's hands-on, bolts and nuts, or the role of electronics research and education of this career path offers a variety of options for those who like a career in this particular field.

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