What are Bowflex Max Trainer M3 BEST for You?

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Thinking about the Bowflex Max coach M3? This is the cheapest Max coach model, which is so obvious to them $ 1200, is very popular.

But is it the right model for you? Here's a brief overview of what to know about the M3 Max Trainer:

Advantages of Max Trainer M3:

There are some great things about the Max M3 model. First, it still has the same basic design as the other models - the elliptical stair stepper hybrid with armrests.

To use more muscle of the lower body and even upper body against a regular elliptical trainer. This results in more calories burned.

Plus, you get the famous high intensity 14-minute intensity training on the island. This training is specially designed for Bowflex to get maximum results in minimal time.

In fact, high intensity interval training workout (or HIIT in short) has proven to burn calories to help up to 48 hours after sports!

You also get the calorie-burn rate meter on the island (which looks a bit like a speedometer), which is very cool. Max coach M3 gives you 8 resistance levels add a challenge to your training.

How does it work with other models to compare?

The M3 is the cheapest model - has not come to meet the M5 and M7 models with some of the fun options.

So you need to grow a bit more space with these models.

The island in the M3 is not illuminated. So it's a little easier to read the islands in the M5 and M7.

You also get some high intensity training models M5 and M7 as a calorie goal to burn fat steady pace calories, steps and fitness test.

You can use this information with the sync application on your phone Bowflex (the app is free) and follow your calories, goals, etc.

For many people, these are not deal breakers - just a little fool, you should not want the device.

So it depends on your budget, goals and preferences regarding the Max coach you choose.

You will see a faster mirror ever dreamed results of it!

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