What Fruits and Vegetables are rich in Antioxidants?

Fruits and Vegetables are rich in Antioxidants via www.organiclifestylemagazine.com

Experts at the Human Nutrition Research Center tested various fruits and vegetables to find ORAC, which refers to antioxidant power.


Research has shown that black plums offer an impressive amount of 4,873 antioxidants. On the other hand, Semi-dry plum 7290 contains antioxidants. So, you can consume regular plums regularly.


Similarly, each red grape offering 2016 comes with antioxidants. In addition, the raisins have the 2490th.


Blueberries provides more antioxidants. For example, just by eating a cup of blueberries will give you 13,427 antioxidants.


In terms of antioxidants, prunes at the top of the list are.


Like berries and raspberries, strawberries contain many antioxidants that protect their cells against various types of cancer.


If you want to increase your protein, you can get fruits and vegetables that have a lot of ellagico acid such as raspberries.


You should choose black prunes because they offer 4,873 antioxidants in one serving.


Oranges, peaches, mangoes and watermelons have a lot of beta-cryptoxanthin, which reduces the risk of arthritis to 20 to 40%.


Cherries are on the list of the ideal source of melatonin. Protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This nutrient repair its tanned skin additionally, because it increases the growth of new skin cells. In addition, they also come with cherries vitamin C, developed collagen, preventing wrinkles.


Kale is hard to fight with vitamins and antioxidants, cancer. It also contains beta-carotene.


Rich in carotenoids, spinach the health of your eyes and help prevent macula is growing.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are very sulforaphane and compounds known as isothiocyanates. That cancer causes detox substances. One study found that cabbage for 3 weeks reduced daily consumes 28% of genetic damage.

Alfalfa sprouts

The Alfalfa leaks have lots of beta-carotene, it protects lung cancer and promotes hair, skin, gums, teeth, bones and glands healthy. In addition, it is a great source of vitamin E to prevent heart attacks and reduces the risk of dying from bladder cancer.

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