What Need for a CCTV Systems?

cctv systems

This article helps you to provide a CCTV system; The target group of this manual is an installation company or end user. You should be aware that there are different types of CCTV systems on the market; These range from cheap CCTV systems to basic monitoring, better value security cameras systems to some form of identification and high resolution security systems for identifying and testing leads.

A good security camera system will provide them with the best value for money without compromising on quality. Sometimes it's difficult to identify areas vulnerable and right to CCTV camera in this area. Most people forget a CCTV camera system is a long-term investment, and they need to talk before they talk about purchasing their requirements with a technical representative.

The terminology CCTV can also discourage further details please find our FAQ section.

Understand your security requirements

The main reasons for their demand for CCTV surveillance cameras are the type of system you need to think about. Can be a part of the reasons for the need for a security system:

- Shoplifting
- Use company or home
- Vandalism
- Industrial espionage
- Threat to individuals from the attack
- The health and safety of persons on site or on site
- Reduce exchange or manned protection.
- Monitoring people entering and leaving the site.
- Enter to an alarm invaders to activate visual confirmation.

The reasons for a system can be endless, but for a particular site, it will finally be the reason to believe CCTV. The solution could be in many forms - an alarm system, some form of deterrence (lights, fences and gates), a CCTV system or staffed protection. Often the CCTV solution is intended, as it is cheaper and accessible.

They decided that you need CCTV systems

To select the type of CCTV system that meets your needs, consider The nature of the CCTV cameras you need when you check the system will give you access to the network (remote access to the internet) and need cabling.

Art or CCTV cameras do you need:

The color cameras generally require a higher level of illumination, such as your Black & White counterparts. The color cameras offer the advantage of distinct objects and easily recognizable by their color, where the black and white cameras get better resolution in low light.

- Camera's Day / Night. Change these cameras to black and white depending on the light level. They are ideal for different light conditions.
- Night vision cameras.

- Outdoor cameras. These cameras are hardened and waterproof outer body.
- Speed ​​dome cameras (pan, tilt, zoom). These cameras are remote from the camera is pointed and what is focused.
- Vandal Proof cameras. These cameras have fallen in a hardened condition that can withstand physical abuse.

How do you monitor the CCTV system?

- Home Edition - Most DVR CCTVs have composite video output that can be displayed on standard TV monitors (as AV input or SCART input)
- Spot Out / Call - This output is also a composite video that can be used to monitor the full-screen CCTV cameras in a row.
- VGA output - this output is a standard output in PCs used All VGA TFT LCD monitors can be used ..

Network Access / Remote Access - CCTV DVR Internet Access (Broadband)

- Internet access - Most DVR CCTV now have remote access over the internet
- Simplex DVR can only record or play, but can not be executed at the same time.
- Triplex DVR conducts the three things at once (recording, playback and remote)
- Pentaplex - CCTV DVR can record, playback, remote access, remotely load playback.

What are CCTV cables for?

- Prefabricated cable - These are already prefabricated cable with BNC connectors and power on the cable. A distance of more than 35 m can damage the camera's image.
- Local Food CA - whose distance is greater than 35m, when the cameras are performed locally, you can cover far greater distances.

- Coaxial cable combination with RG59 coaxial cable, but power cable 2 connected wires (such as a shotgun).
- CAT5E - Longer distances can be covered, along with debts transceivers CAT5E.

It is advisable to have a detailed discussion with the technical representatives sales selection of security cameras or CCTV system you need. A good technical person will try to meet your needs explaining the difference between the different CCTV cameras for a recommendation....

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