What should a Developer choose Android Games Vs iOS Games Development?

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When it comes to choosing a smartphone, it is usually necessary to choose between the mobile devices that support two major platforms - iOS and Android. So with the enormous growth in the mobile gaming industry, future developers will set up the big question between iOS and Android games development of choice. Both platforms have their own pros and cons when it comes to developing game.

1. Development

Android is more needed than iOS. While iOS games need to (iPhone and iPad), Android games have to be tested in a small number of devices are tested on a large number of devices, and this is very time consuming. As a result, the development of Android games requires a considerable amount of time compared to the development of iOS games.

2. Support SO devices

One needs to support devices that support these platforms before considering a decision about which platform to use for the game development. If you are in the development of Android games, you need to think about the development of a large number of Android devices. There are many companies that use Android devices and all of these devices with different hardware specifications, screen size, screen resolution, etc. So as a game for Android, they need to make sure the game is in a variety Of devices that turn on.

Apple, on the other hand, produces a limited number of devices and hence the development of the iOS game is not as complicated as considering a much smaller range of devices compared to Android.

3. The revenue Generation

A mobile application generates revenue in a variety of ways, including purchase apps, app purchases, advertising, subscriptions, etc. It has been shown that the App Store (the distribution app platform on iOS) is more than twice the revenue from Google (the Distribution generating application platform generates on Android) games. This is because most apps and games in the App Store have to pay their premium and users to download and use. But when it comes to downloads, Google Play gets via the free option on iOS applications and games as well as downloading the large number of Android users. That does not mean there are no premium games available on Google Play; However, they are much smaller compared to iOS. Monetization for Android applications is the application purchases, primarily to install the cost per ad and to offer a paid version of the app with more opportunities.

It depends entirely on the developer about how he wants to earn money from the game. During the games look flat on iOS devices and you want to play "on a flat surface just a 2D game," Google UI elements seams, shadows and edges that make the game an authentic look.

4. Investment

IOS games it is necessary to use XCode IDE with iOS SDK. Android games have an Android Studio download and launch the application encoding. Then, after analysis, it appears that iOS has a slight lead on Android as a gaming development platform. Today, the development of cross-platform tools available that makes the development of Android and iOS games on a single platform.

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