Xamarin is the next Big thing in Developing Mobile Apps

Xamarin is the next Big thing in Developing Mobile Apps via www.appstudioz.com

As Microsoft announced the acquisition of Xamarin, mobile application development turned its way to community-based development from the most popular platform applications. For a beginner, it's just another mobile platform as native or hybrid, for developing C # applications. But the primary business of mobile application development is a revelation for developers. In fact, Xamarin took the hybrid development and platform to a new level and combined all platforms in place (Android, iOS, Windows or hybrid and platform) into a single mobile app with the same code.

Xamarin: What is it?

Xamarin is a product that works on .NET and C # with the same features of original Original Android and iOS applications for production. It is a proprietary Microsoft language code, a multiple application of the Common Language Specification (CLS) and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is used.

Technically, it is the common code base that allows you to combine all platforms into a single application. Xamarin shares the code base in C # development. With the help of the base code, application developers in India are the main applications developed for embedded platforms Android, iOS, Windows and hybrid cross-platform and share it on your multiple platforms.

Xamarin: Why is it important?

Say developed and released a native Android application and for a while, a great success in the application has been made.

Platform IOS ??

Why start from the beginning when you can enjoy the Xamarin common code base that will help you develop applications across multiple platforms.

Xamarin: Products

The company's top mobile applications depend entirely on the Xamarin product, no surprise! Enhanced application tools and integrated memory components make it much easier for developers. Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin for Visual Studio, Studio Xamarin, Xamarin.Mac, Mobility Scanner Pure and RoboVM are the products offered by Xamarin (owned by Microsoft).

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