You need to decide which it's Supposed to be a PlayStation Online?

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First, you need to decide which version best suits your gaming needs. So buy these online for the PlayStation online:

Both PlayStation consoles on the market today offer a similar game experience, but have significant differences: You can choose between the PS3 Slim (120GB) and the PS3.

First of all, the agreements are:

Both versions feature impressive quality graphics and exclusive games like Resistance and Warhawk, known for the PlayStation. In addition, shock motion detection controller Dualshock 3, which provides a realistic and intuitive gameplay.

Two versions are undoubtedly the best Blu-ray high-definition player in the market and Wi-Fi capabilities. All PlayStation consoles access to the PlayStation Store, the unique content, free demos also offer, movies, TV shows and more. The PS3 and PS3 Slim are complete entertainment systems, supported by powerful technology and made by a company for its innovative and progressive approach to the game.

Of course, there are some important differences between the two consoles:

The PS3 Slim is smaller, cheaper and quieter than the PS3. This brings us the biggest difference between the two PlayStation consoles:

Important Changes:

The PS3 Slim has no PS2 compatibility. Some people refuse to buy a PS3 Slim for this feature, and some people just accept and continue. Those who say that's beyond the point of buying a PS3 and using games to play "out of date" if the PS3 is much more alive and absorbent. This question really depends on personal preference.

What others think?:

For the majority of the gaming community, cheap PS3 Slim is provided to outweigh the compatibility issue. PlayStation is currently the best selling, one of the most renowned online stores. However, PS3 sales are still very fast.

Clearly, the choice of PlayStation purchase depends on your personal preferences and the importance of compatibility with you. Two consoles PlayStation lovingly criticizes favorite player with issues and those who are new to the game industry. Both consoles offer excellent multi-media hub and an extremely versatile and robust gaming system. Depending on which one you choose, fits better when you buy online game drive, is very pleased with the end result.

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