3 The Most Famous Methods of Acne Scar Removal

The Most Famous Methods of Acne Scar Removal

Acne scars, which are mild, disappear after a certain period of time. There are certain people who suffer from very severe cases of acne that occur due to acne cysts and tubers and this will leave a durable brand on the skin. In this situation, people choose acne scar removal.

Acne scar removal surgery is a method of removing severe acne scars. But many factors need to be considered before using the scar removal. A properly qualified and experienced surgeon who has treated similar operations should be consulted. This ensures that acne scarring is performed professionally.

The type of acne scarring that is performed depends on the type of scars present on the person's face.

Some of the most famous methods of acne scar treatment are:

1. Punch excision
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This acne scarring process includes the surgical removal of scars that are present on the skin. Local anesthesia is used in this operation.

2. Skin grafting using punch excision
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Stamp excision, along with skin transplantation, is used when the scars cover a large part of the skin. The puncture excision method is a type of acne scar removal surgery used to remove the scar from the skin.

But if the scars cover a large part of the skin, the skin must be grafted through another part of the body. The skin is usually removed from the back of the ear and is then used to replace the skin that contained scars and had to be removed.

3. Fat transfer for scar pits
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This method of acne scar removal surgery is used to remove the huge pits that were caused due to acne scars. The fat is removed from another part of the body and placed under the well.

This helps reduce the pits caused by acne scars. It is necessary to take all appropriate measures before deciding to opt for acne scar removal.

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