3 The most Notable Online Skateboard Games

One of the most fascinating and exciting online games is undoubtedly skateboarding. Due to the popularity of the skate and the huge demand for skateboard games, to name technological advances, it's now possible to find your favorite skateboarding game online and to play everything online and pretend it would not be enough to play for free. So if you're bored and wanting to exercise your brain, you can be sure that these online games will do the trick for you.

The internet today is a source of many things from ingenious information to entertainment and everything in between, it's no wonder there is a place where players meet to choose their favorite online games and engage. Online skating games come from two main reasons. There are fans of skate games there, but they do not have access to the skateboard because of their geographical constraints. Some of the most notable online skating games are:

1) Skate Jam

image from Appolicious

Like in a downhill jam, in this game you go up and down a hill collecting coins along the way. You can choose up to 4 different characters and can turn off different acrobatics and tricks.

2) GMax Skateboarding

image from GamesLoon

Another free online skating game that is a very simple and easy-to-use format with simple game controls. It is one of the oldest games on the market and justifies the huge fan base behind it.

3) Downhill Jam

image from YouTube

A free online game that comes with full flash animation and great graphics to make it easy to move a hill up and down as you collect gifts. Playing starts simple, but growing in trouble as you go, making the game challenging and exciting when you are advanced to advanced levels.

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