4 Acne Medications Guaranteed Cures to Work

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If you need acne medication, you want certain remedies that you know will work on your specific type of acne. There are many types of acne skin conditions and remedies that work in a type of acne not necessarily in another. In general, mild acne or occasional injuries have a lower treatment level than moderate to severe acne conditions. You can consult your GP or dermatologist to determine the correct treatment level.

(1) Determine the type of acne

There are many different types of acne. The most common type is teenage acne, but adult acne also causes a significant percentage of adult pain. The severity of acne condition makes a difference in the type of acne medication that is selected, but more importantly, the need for a doctor to diagnose the type of acne.

(2) Current treatment

If your acne condition is mild or sporadic, your doctor may recommend applying a cream, lotion or gel to the surface of your skin. Current acne medicine generally focuses on the smooth reduction of the oil or sebum production of the sebum clays. Both treatments are, however, successful. These kinds of medications may in many cases be sufficient to treat the symptoms.

(3) Mouth facial

If your acne condition has gone mild or sporadic, you will be asked to move an oral acne medication. There are several very good oral medications. The most prescribed oral medication is oral tetracycline, closely followed by erythromycin and minocycline. There are some side effects associated with erythromycin and minocycline, but side effects may include acne scars, stains and pain. It is encouraging to acknowledge that the immediate treatment can prevent permanent scars from the acne condition.

(4) Give him time

Regardless of the type of acne medication you should take it is important to acknowledge that each drug needs time to work. You can not expect nightly results from current medicines or oral medications. Current medicines must be applied religiously according to the instructions to be a successful deterrent for colored acne.

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