5 Habits Failure Of The Treadmill

Before you feel comfortable with your treadmill routine, you know that this machine would not be robotic actionable.

1. Do not drive on autopilot

The same exercise on the treadmill machine day by day can be a pointless task that fits your body.

What to do: attend the training?

Focus on your breathing, step and shape. Try increasing the intensity with slopes next week. To stay even with high intensity interval exercises with walking and walking next week. Periodic change of some misunderstandings keeps you focused and gives your body a new challenge.

2. Do not go with your feet

Achieving feet or working with flat feet is bad for the feet and legs, which can cause muscle tension.

What to do: Look for each step?

Find at the foot of the foot or middle of the foot - not the whole heel or foot at the same time.

What Habits Failure Of The Treadmill?

3. Do not take your walk too long

Overlapping and raised hip and too many legs will cause your body weight to appear, what is bad for your leg joints and more energy. This can also make you lose to shape by producing in less efficient training.

What to do: Walk and walk as natural as outside

If you walk, just lift your foot from the ground and try to keep a speed of about 15 steps every 10 seconds. When walking, with natural steps.

4. DON'T hunch

Tilting or forward, hunching means your body is working hard to maintain its balance, which can lead to injuries such as back pain. Bad attitude can even affect your body's ability to take adequate oxygen during exercise.

What to do: keep your position?

Keep your body posture correct, strong. Your chin must be parallel to the floor and head and hips in line with the spinal column.

5. DO NOT wear the wrong shoes

Zumba shoes can be beautiful, but they are completely different from shoes specially designed to walk or walk. With high-bow kicks or any support on the treadmill, you can emphasize your joints and cause quick damage.

What to do: Select the function via Mode

Search for running and walking. A shoe with extra padding in the soles helps protect the bones of the feet and heels. Use these shoes only for exercises, and they take a long time to keep your feet comfortable.

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