5 Marathon Running tips to make sure the road to the Great Race

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Do you want to cover the incredible 26.2 miles? So you need a marathon. Running a marathon is a feat, but the main task is training and preparation. Running Marathon is often compared to a baby. Any new or experienced riders can get some marathon training tips to make sure the road to the Great Race is as efficient and effective as possible.

Marathon Running Tip # 1: Number of miles for speed

Training for a marathon means a lot of running. Do not even try the work rate unless you have a good experience. You must first cover the distance. Only then are you ready for bigger and better things (ie speed).

Marathon Run Tip # 2: Long Run

A crucial part of your marathon run is in the long run. The general rule is that you run about five or twenty-six miles in your training. This is crucial for learning your body to improve its fuel combustion processes and extend the time you can carry out with simple carbohydrates. If you come from carbohydrates, your body must pass to burn fat, which is much more difficult. Well, newer training methods suggest that the long term is not as important as traditionally believed. And it's true, if you're only 40 miles a week and then your long term is 50% of your weekly mile, then this long time becomes incredibly difficult on the body. If you are in a weekly mile, it may be best to do the 20 mile long rides but to make them shorter. 16 miles. But that would mean that you need to do more long runs and / or long runs with higher intensity to fix that.

Marathon Running Tip # 3: Medium - Long Runs

Your marathon performance will greatly benefit from a second long time, shorter than the long term. Your body must build this exposure for longer runs. So try to fit as many races within 90 minutes as you can handle and fit. Training in more than 90 minutes will help your body to change its combustion processes.

Marathon Running Tip # 4: Losing

To be optimally prepared for the race day, you must lose weight. After all, marathon training will leave you very tired. If you want new legs, you must cut the training load in the last three weeks before the match. If your schedule is amazed for some reason, do not be tempted to do your 20 million this weekend, that is, two weeks before the race. It's a lot better to start the race with fresh legs, even if it's little prepared to start with tired legs.

Your most important marathon training is performed 1 to 6 months from the race day. So do not try to increase your mileage in the last minute in the weeks before the marathon.

Marathon Running Tip # 5: Be smart with food

Because marathon training is so difficult, make sure you eat well. Make sure you get enough carbohydrates. This is your fuel. Also, keep in mind that you have to refuel during the race. You must know exactly what you eat and when. And you have to try to train everything you want to eat before and during the marathon. If you have stomach cramps during your marathon, because you have to eat something you've never had during the race, nobody's guilty but yourself. Make sure you are well prepared for everything that your Marathon needs to do, including food eating!

The marathon is an incredible event, with great appeal for young and old, fit and inappropriate. Whether you are an elite runner or a beginner, the marathon takes it all of you. So make sure you are perfectly prepared with the above marathon tips and combine that with a positive attitude.

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