5 Objectives to Build a Successful Drone Business

Goldman Sachs Research predicts that the commercial market for drones will be $ 13 billion between 2016-2020. Industries, including construction and film / TV, will use drones. And if you want to do a daring business, you need to set goals to be successful.

Here, the objectives are seen as an institution:

1) Get the certification

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The FAA Part 107 rules require that if you pay a damages for a pilot, you must have a FAA Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) certification. There are many schools that can help you prepare for your test.

2) Establishment of the company

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You have to do your business. Topics are insurance, licensing and business structures. The structure of the company means it as LLC. Individual company Please talk with a CPA to determine the best type of business set you need.

3) System the work

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You can hire pilots. Your systems make it easier for you to get help. And even if you have a solo operation with a system, you become more productive.

4) Determine success

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Many entrepreneurs. For example, instead of thinking of a national drone company, it would be best to keep a small business that keeps the roof on its head, vacations and flexible hours so you can see all the games and football matches of children.

5) Get customers

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If you do not have customers, then you have no business, you only have a hobby. I'm in 2 different Facebook groups with small businesses. As a drunkard, spend time to find customers. Sometimes this is direct marketing for the end user. And sometimes it is about building relationships for connectors such as roofers who can forward their business for inspections.

Goals without action are just dreams. And dreams are beautiful, but they do not lead to success. The liability partner can be an official business partner. Or it may happen to Facebook on Facebook. If you do not want to share these goals on your personal Facebook wall, join the "Choose yourself" group. And list them there. If this is another big ad, then there's another trick. Sign up for Evernote. Evernote enables you to keep a private newspaper. Continue your progress here.

And you want to make little progress every week. In particular, ensure that you have your certification and the right insurance. We are just at the beginning of the drone business revolution. Make sure you get your certification, get your business up and build your systems. These goals make it easier to get customers and to be successful.

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