5 Top Role Playing the RPGs for the Playstation One

The PlayStation is widely regarded as the console that has brought RPG games in general, and this review is well deserved. The revolutionary 32-bit graphics need to connect with their characters so the players because it has never been possible with prehistoric consoles because they evolved from ugly grainy blocks to organic images interacting with the surrounding surrounding them and presented Real human emotions. The system's processing capacity also offers a variety of gameplay capabilities beyond traditional page scrolling of archaic titles like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.

These gameplay innovations resulted in an era of games played by major RPG games, and in this sense we mentioned the top five RPGs for the PlayStation One.

5. Xenogears

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Xenogears was an ambitious Square project, removed from the traditional elements of RPG and instead employs rich stories to enchant his players. The game is a complex experience that you have to think yourself because the story is a well-published novel that shares similarities with the Japanese anime because it asks many questions and answers some. The main player is a powerful warrior called Fei Fong Wong, who, despite his stereotype, is an exceptionally unique and interesting character.

4. Vagrant History

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A game that stands out from the others on the list, due to its multi-gen profession, Vagrant Story is a less well-known title that earned recognition of the best RPGs of the era. Combining the traditional elements of a Japanese RPG with the rhythm and style of an action game, Squares was attempting to make an unclear and glistening, fascinating game a great success. Vagrant Story is essentially a dungeon crawler, but it compensates for this monotony by introducing a brilliant combat system based on combined attacks and user strategy. The game is surprisingly hard and ruthless for new players, but for those who challenge Vagrant Story's challenge, it offers an exciting game experience that has no double work on PlayStation One.

3. Final Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy VIII had a lot to live. The first Final Fantasy featured characters with realistic proportions, VIII had also found one of the most mature and funniest stories in an RPG.

The main actor is a sturdy and witty teenager called Squall, who is trained in the Balamb Garden to become a member of the elite league force known as SeeD. Final Fantasy VIII was an exciting experience that earned its place in this list.

2nd Chrono Cross

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Chrono Cross is one of the games that the developers should have given equal doses of tension and fear. Chrono Trigger was a monumental contest for the SNES, and following a worthy couple could not have been easy. Square-Enix went to the challenge and started a game that, if possible, was even better than the original.

The game had a unique story with parallel worlds, and the gameplay was accelerated and exciting to choose for enemies on the field and not random meetings.

1. Final Fantasy VII

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Shocking, is not it? If one of the best video games ever celebrated, it's no surprise that Final Fantasy VII looks at this prestigious list. The art and level design is inspiring and the graphics were revolutionary at the time of market launch (1997). The soundtrack, again polite by Nobuo Uematsu, is nothing short of amazing.

A wonderfully charming, unique character, led by the ubiquitous Cloud Strife and its terrible toll, Sephiroth, has opened a beautiful and engaging story never conquered in 13 years.

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