6 Key Features Of 3D Pens Is An Emerging Technology

The 3D pen is an emerging technology. For example, with a 3D pen, you can make a model of the Eifel tower and cars. On the market, you will find plenty of 3D pens. Read:

1. Compatible surfaces

The Features Of 3D Pens Is Compatible surfaces

The functionality of these pens is simple. Instead of color, they use plastic to write. In addition, a good pen can be used on almost all types of surfaces.

2. Required temperature

Features Of 3D Pens temperature

Pen power changes based on the ambient temperature where you are. It is therefore a good idea to read the description and the performance of the pen at different temperatures. Understanding your working environment is also important. In a warm environment, the pen can not do her best.

3. Plastic trim

Features Of 3D Pens Is Plastic

Because these pens use heat technology to work, make sure that the dust in the pin is uninterrupted. In fact, the plastic can become sticky in a big hit and some colors may look a bit different. Also, it's a good idea to read reviews about the pens on different websites before buying.

4. Cooling

the Features Of 3D Pens Cooling

This technology uses heat and the pen only works when heat is applied. Once the plastic is heated in the pen, you can use the pen to draw or scratch. The pen should also cool as soon as the plastic is heated in the bowl. The pen can not be used if the cooling time is too high. There must be sufficient space between the heating and cooling of the 3D pen.

5. Obstruction problems

Features Of 3D Pens Is problems

If the pencil cools, the plastic can remain in the containers. And when the plastic is clogged repeatedly, it must be replaced after each use. Before you buy, you need to talk about the clogging problem. There should be no clogging problems, especially when you draw large models of different things like buildings and cars.

6. Warranty

Features Of 3D Pens Is good Warranty

In general, most manufacturers provide a guarantee. But the warranty terms can be complicated. You may find that some manufacturers replace the product if you have any problems. Long story short, 3D pens are very interesting and can help everyone.

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