6 Tips to buy a Skateboard Deck

The skateboard platform is what most people think about buying cheap skateboards.

1) The most important thing

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More importantly, especially when you buy skateboards, you are buying a reputable seller.

2) Selection of the cover material

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Platforms are usually made of two materials - wood and plastic. The wood is considered superior, although the plastic platforms are durable. From the wooden deck you usually have to look at the Canadian maple. Canadian maple is the most durable and long-lasting wood. The wooden huts are made of wood layers. This means that the lengths of the wood are compressed and form the deck of the board. The optimal number of layers is 7 - which provides the highest degree of control, while maintaining lower weight and flexibility. Other available cover materials are aluminum and fiberglass.

3) What format platform?

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How big is the deck that you should choose when buying cheap skateboards? The platforms are usually about 28 to 32 centimeters long. Shorter platforms are better for shorter people and provide more maneuverability. Longer platforms are better for (you recommend) larger people and for more stability, which means they are ideal for a cruise.

The platforms are usually between about 7.5 and 8.25 inches long. The smaller platforms offer greater maneuverability. Larger platforms offer more stability and control. Do not get a deck that is less than 7.5 cm wide unless the driver is young (under 14) or a small shoe size (under 9).

4) So what width should you choose?

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Less than 8 centimeters - Choose a narrow deck (less than 8 centimeters) when you do traditional skating or skating and tricks like ollies, flips and mills.

More than 8 centimeters - Choose a wider deck (more than 8 centimeters) when you leave (tubes, bowls, etc.). They need a wider deck because it offers more stability and control.

5) What is a concave deck?

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A concave deck is when the sides of the deck hang a little along its length. This increases plate thickness and pre-control. Even if you buy cheap skateboards, this is something to protect!

If you try to save money, empty platforms are a good idea! They are usually of superior quality for the price you pay.

6) Good brands for platforms

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These brands are recommended because they are known for producing cheap and high quality skateboards: Habitat, Blind, Toy Machine, Alien Workshop, World Industries and Golden Dragon Skates.

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