7 Things we do not know about Chocolate and we are definitely ready to know

Chocolate is a delicious food product of Theobroma-cacao seeds, both roasted and grounded. Everyone in the world is aware of the tempting taste of chocolate; They can be made in the liquid and solid form or can be used to taste different dishes. The chocolate was initially taken in the form of Emperor's drinks.

Little known facts about chocolate:

facts chocolate

There are many things we do not know about chocolate and we are definitely ready to know. Here are some less known facts about it:

1. The word "chocolate" originates from the Aztec word "xocoatl" which refers to a bitter, spicy beverage made from cocoa beans the Aztec.

2. White chocolate is not really chocolate because they contain no solids of cocoa or chocolate, but because they usually consist of cocoa butter, they are considered as the chocolate product.

3. The first chocolate was made in England in 1872 by Cadbury.

4. Take up to 400 grams of cocoa to make a pound of chocolate.

5. The world's largest chocolate cake weighs about 5,772 kg.

6. Chocolate is very dangerous for cats and dogs and can even lead to death.

7. Chocolate is effective remedies when it comes to coughing.

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate:

Advantages chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of nutrients, made from cocoa beans, which reduce the best source of antioxidants in plants and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the body. There are many other benefits to consume pure chocolate because they protect the skin from the sun, act as high antioxidants, improve brain function, increase HDL, protect LDL from oxidation agents, improve blood flow, Reducing body fat, reducing the signs of ageing etc. Chocolate is often used to show a symbol of love for our loved ones by giving them the same sense of in love as eating chocolate.

In addition to nutritious chocolate, we also have a disadvantage because they contain high amounts of sugar, saturated fats and contain little mineral vitamins. Excessive consumption of chocolate can cause tooth decay, many carbohydrate levels and calories in the body, etc. Pure chocolate contains a lot of sugar, but it usually contains half the milk.

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