Acrylic Nail Shapes and Styles of Acrylic Nails

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Have you thought of the perfect shape for your nails? Let's look at each of the different types of nail shapes available to you:

Almond nails

The almond shape is very feminine and delicate and is considered the classic form of the nails. This can help keep your fingers longer and thinner and less greasy.

Stiletto / Mountain height

Very popular at the moment, especially celebrities and Hollywood stars, the tops (or mountain tops) are long and focused to the top. You can remove the Stiletto nails and refresh at the sides to make a point. Unfortunately, the shape is usually weak, since the surface of the nail giving the strength to the sides is rejuvenated until they are almost gone.


The place is the perfect form and ideal for the classic French manicure. Best for a larger nail bed, as they often show the smaller beds loose and wide. They also do not work well with smaller nails and would look better in medium to long. Attention to the longer nails is something that the square shape is often used because the shorter they are, the more annoying they appear.

Creating the place is made by the nail long and straight to grow and place the point in the right corner.


Finished is a great and perfect shape for those who prefer shorter nails. It rarely breaks and can be easily solved. A very easy and easy to maintain. Just like at the square, make the nails directly on the sides and then place the tip in a rounded shape.

Round square

The same process as the square nails, but you go in the corners. It works well on longer nails and does not tend to capture things like the full square shape. Much softer than the place as well.


Oval nails are a combination or blend of some shapes - almond, square and rounded. This means that they work well on different types of nails, medium and long and also create a female look. To get an oval shape, place the tip in the desired shape (probably oval) and remove the sides. This can also weaken the nails a little. But if your nails are wide or wide, the oval is a perfect fit because it can help to make them delicate, so weakening should not be too much.

You can buy all kinds of acrylic nail shapes from, for example, Amazon, eBay, local salons or many other places on the internet or in stores.

If you want more information about nail shapes and styles or nail art designs, Nail Designs For You has a wide range of ideas, graphics, tutorials, videos and more.

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