All About Android Launcher Themes In The Android Market

If you've installed one of the many carrier missiles in the Android Market, you've probably seen some listings of topics. We will try to address the key issues of the Android launcher issues here, so you can better understand what they can do for you.

Themes can change almost everything

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The icons, wallpaper, and dock settings can be modified with the Launcher theme. A popular theme for GO Launcher is the iPhone theme. It replaces your dock with iOS-inspired icons and provides an iOS theme for all icons in your applet and on your home screens. It even turns your wallpaper into an iPhone theme. In short, it replaces your outdated format.

Themes can affect only so many elements of your phone. All of these elements must be integrated into the launch. That means things like your notification bar, the appearance of certain applications, and your lock screen are all untouched by a theme. To change this, you need to flash a custom ROM that is in a different degree of difficulty compared to installing a theme.

You will see many topics like iPhone themes and ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0). But not all subjects follow the same design principles.

Topics are not universal

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You have installed ADW, you have now switched to LauncherPro. Suddenly this ADW theme is no longer available to you on ADW. If you use a launcher and install a theme for a different launcher than the market, it is not compatible.

Everybody can do it

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If you're dead, if you have a particular topic, but can not find it, you can always make your own. It requires at least basic knowledge of Photoshop or other image processing software, but it is not a complicated process. Check out the website for your favorite promoter and you're likely to find tutorials about building your own themes.

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