Be the Fake Electronics Components one step ahead

The fake electronic components one step ahead are more important and more difficult because the counterfeiters hide their processes and the way to the true identity of the defective products they produce and hide how to electronically implement them in the supply chain components Worldwide This Companies and individuals around the world who are involved in the production of counterfeit electronic components that contain components that are increasingly difficult to detect, and the production of imitation components is more complex, processes need to be put in place to recognize you.

Be the Fake Electronics Components one step ahead

We all know that the attenuating effect is standard fake sub-sections on electronic devices, which may be deadly in certain circumstances. The recognition of counterfeit components is difficult because they are actually installed in a device and if the system fails, it is difficult to see that the error was caused by false components unless it was specifically searched during an inspection process. The recognition process performed best in the delivery phase.

There are several ways to make imitation components; One of the most common options is to collect discarded circuit components. Electronics becomes very popular, much of this recycled material ends in developing countries where the purchase of components is complete. The components are stacked in stacks and the like subjected to a laundry process and a grinding process with the original components to remove marks. Have stacked components as they seem to be their own problems because components that are not equal to the end, various reviews, different applications and even the same component together at the end to be sold as a type. The components are ultimately subjected to a formatting process to mark them all. Many problems have been found to produce perfect parts coils that match the manufacturer's products. Most independent sources of electronic components are used in the struggle against the admission of these products to access the supply chain and ultimately on devices we trust, they are equipped with state-of-the-art detection processes and safe methods of care , While working with various organizations like ERAI, its own global information services organization that monitored and reported issues that are the global electronics supply chain. Independent distribution component can also be members of the organizations that are relevant to gathering high-quality information and to participate in the development of industry ethics, to ensure customer satisfaction, standards and promotion of education, quality, such as independent distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) A nonprofit professional association representing independent distributors and ethically oriented electronic components.

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