Before You Buy What I Buy Playstation 4 VS Xbox One?

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With the first stunning and hype for the introduction of these two islands faded now and were widespread to buy again, the big question is before you buy what I buy?

Revenue up to date

Both consoles were launched with all common hype, which weigh more demand and supply. Both Sony and Microsoft have reported more than a million units of the console sold on the launch day. When you look at current sales figures, Microsoft says that the Xbox One has sold 3,900,000 units. This is compared to Sony, which sold out 4.2 million units. Both companies, unexpectedly, predict that the rise in sales will continue for the coming time.


The basic unit of the Xbox One is priced at £ 429 and PlayStation 4 at £ 349. The price is a big difference in the starting price, but what do you really get for your money? Both come with the base for the start console, power cord, HDMI cable, controller and a headset. The Xbox comes with the Kinect 2 bar; The alternative camera PlayStation is about € 55. Only time will show, but in any event there is an option later with the PS4 to buy while paying extra regardless of the Xbox.

To spell

Both machines were launched with a poor selection of games. Since the launch, the games were very similar. This does not seem to change the time, only with the Xbox Halo, everything can be displayed that released the PlayStation.

A major issue with the PlayStation 3 was the price of software needed to develop games for the machine. This meant that the games were expensive to develop compared to the Xbox 360. Sony has recognized this as a problem and has provided affectionate software developers with the hope that more games for the device are being developed. Sony's approach can be a long-term winner, but we will have to wait and see.

No machine is backward compatible, so you can not play your old favorites while waiting for the start of the big game. But Sony unveiled the introduction of a gaming facility in the cloud, which played older games, called Now PlayStation.

The console itself

Both machines are superior specifications for their predecessors, as expected. Same loads, both Blu-Ray drives have both Wi-Fi, but the rugged power of the PlayStation, combined with the amazing graphics capabilities that Xbox puts behind the PlayStation. The big question is whether developers make use of these additional performance and higher launch games for PlayStation. Time will see, but the story shows that developers do not always use the extra power.

Online service

Microsoft has set up its online service called Xbox Live on Xbox 360. Sony, on the other hand, has offered this service for free with the PlayStation 3. Microsoft will continue to offer Xbox Live Service on Xbox One. Sony has introduced the PlayStation Plus, which has 39.99 Xbox Live annually.

User interface

Both have suggested their own unique setup and PlayStation users that they prefer their system and will claim Xbox players that they prefer. The addition of social media upload will attract some, but players want to play the games and do not necessarily want to publish their social media account to advance. So many people see this as a useless trick.

Kinect 2 gives Xbox an edge here. The system of activation of voice and handsfree is a big advantage and it seems that this is the way the technology works. However, this is a gaming machine and modern televisions come with these types of features. A game machine is what most people want, so the supplements are seen as a trick, especially after the first use disappears.

Sony seems to be the most direct game route, and Microsoft is excited to produce a complete machine. Everything a player has said wants a game machine. This seems to be what Sony has produced with PlayStation 4. Power, thought behind development, simplicity, everything gives the PlayStation 4 the edge. If you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or electrical device that you want to sell, go to our sales page and fill out the application form.

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