Bowflex Home Gyms like in the Commercials?

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Bowflex is a brand of patented indoor gyms produced by Nautilus Fitness. The answer can surprise you.

Strongly believe in weight training or strength training accurate and the many benefits it provides for people of both sexes and all ages. If you are serious about adding resistance training to your exercise regimen, and you do not have the time or tendency to fight massively at your local gym or fitness club, then a Bowflex home studio can only ticket.

When you enter this category, you have four basic options:

1. Buy a bunch of bumblebees

2. Buy a set of free weight together with a sofa or two.

3. Buy a standard home studio

4. Buy a Bowflex Home Gym

A set of dumbbells is ideal for you to start, but you will be limited to the types of exercises that you can do especially for your legs. You also need extra resistance that does not offer a dumbbell principle.

A complete number of free weights increases the number of exercises available, but without machines, such as a latent pull-out and leg extension, you will still be limited in the exercises you can perform.

A home gym can also have limitations on exercise options, especially for your legs. The other thing to keep in mind with a home gym is that it exercises its muscles in isolation. While free weights link extra muscle to the game, stabilize the primary muscles during exercise. This ensures more efficient training and also makes your muscles more flexible. Certainly, there is a time and place for isolation movements, but not consistent and difficult during training.

The design of the Bowflex home gym simulates the freedom of movement that is achieved using free weights. Instead of gravity on iron plates, resistance in a Bowflex gym is generated by the power generated by a cable and pulley system that moves against resistance bars. The rods act as sources that store potential energy, which in turn resists. This is actually a great design that allows the position of your body without observing gravity. This makes Bowflex as compact as possible. The use of resistance belts also significantly reduces the total weight of the gym itself. Forget about moving a home gym as soon as it is set in your basement. A Bowflex home studio is much easier to move and carry when the need arises.

Another brilliant feature of a Bowflex is that you can quickly change the resistance without standing up and drawing boards in and out of a bar with free weights. This makes advanced training techniques, such as pyramids and case sets, extremely simple. It's also a great time saver. The variety of exercises you can do in a Bowflex is great. Bowflex Xtreme2, for example, lets you find more than 70 exercises, including squats, that's hard to find in a typical home gym. With a total resistance of more than 400 pounds, a Bowflex home gym will be a challenge for the vast majority of people.

As for a Rock Hard Body with 20 minutes of workouts in a Bowflex, You can go a long way with a shortened training if this is just a Bowflex only 3 times a week. If you just started, to concentrate on compound movements like the table pressure lines, shoulder press, biceps curvature, triceps press, deadlift and squat.

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