Burning Calories learn the Walking Speed for Higher Results

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Calorie burn can really be improved if you have a very simple but effective way to assess if your running speed is optimal and safe.

Your best driving speed can be detected by certain safe "stress symptoms" as you walk, that is, your breathing patterns and your ability to talk during the exercise.

If we say a five-point measure of the least effort for most efforts, we can measure how fast we continue, how short we are and how hard it is to talk.

Your four-point scale can be as follows:

Level 1: The kind of effort you feel when you're on a bench watching TV, you have to go to get up and open your door.

Level 2: The kind of level of effort when you get a pace on the space that is in mind. Breathing is energetic but not fast.

Level 3: The kind of effort in a quiet walk to the corner shop. The breath is deeper. It takes a bit of time to slow down after the effort.

The golden heart rate rule, for its fastest calorie fire conditions, should take about 70 to 80 percent of your maximum power, so you must try to be level 4 at your level of effort.

At Level 4, your running speed will only be the best calorie burn without losing or losing food. As you progress in your walking program and your metabolism is "trained" for calorie burn, your actual walking speed can change.

Absolutely not

The course speed is obviously improved as you continue with the program because your body weight drops, so if you run faster with running, this does not mean that you learn at level 4!

Your running speed on Exercise Level 4 is recognized by your quicker breathing and speech, although the effort is possible, but a bit difficult.

If you have a heavier body weight, you can reach the 4 level if you only have 4 km / h. Remember the entire effort level is important, not just walking speed, for higher calorie burn!

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