Common issues in Android Lollipop and its Solutions

Although Android Marshmallow is from some devices, many of the devices still use lolly and still get updates for the operating system. Lollipop was a spectacular operating system for Android with such great features, but nothing is perfect, and the lollipop is no exception. There are many issues with Android Lollipop and we will list some common issues of Android Lollipop and the possible fix here.

Lock applications:

Refreshing Lollipop somehow introduced memory leaks, causing many problems everywhere. This Android lollipop problem causes the applications to crash and have an UI delay and even forced the user interface to stop without warning.

For high end devices this leak is not very visible, but this can cause many problems for older devices.

Removing your Google game data will resolve the problem in some way, but to resolve the issue, wait until Google publishes an official update.

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Slow speed:

If your device is usually a bit slower than before, you're not really alone in this question. Many users experience this Android Lollipop issue and note that loading a PC will always be slow.

• Using a third-party charger may cause slow charging.
• The cable may cause a problem, try charging with another reliable cable.
• Remove the cache partition of your device.

Quick battery reduction:

Many users complain about the issue of Android Lollipop that the battery of your mobile phone runs much faster than before or very quickly. If you still have the problem, try this.

• Reset the device to the device.

No sound on call:

Few people have faced this Android Lollipop issue where they can not hear the caller and vice versa.

• Resetting the phone seems to solve the problem.
• Try using your headset or Bluetooth headset, then return to the device's sound.

Some people complained about missing camera keys, so you can not switch to the front camera. Some solutions to solve this problem are.

• Restart the phone and open the application.
• Turn on the camera application to stop the settings and clear the cache and data and restart the device
• Remove the cache of your device.
• Reset the device to the device.

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