How often do You have to change Your Running Shoes during Exercise Fitness?

When most people think of "gear" training, it's relatively simple and uncomplicated. You need:

Gym clothes


A music player,

A bottle of water and

A pair of running shoes.

When it comes to running shoes, do not forget to get good quality shoes for the type of activity you do. Also, make sure you change your shoes quite often, giving you the lining and support you need.

How often do you have to change your running shoes?

1. Your walking number

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The biggest factor that determines the life of the shoe is the amount of miles you traveled. Keep in mind that the average pair of running shoes should give you about 300 to 500 miles, giving you a relatively good indication of how long you can go. Tracking your miles, walking and hiking is important, so you know when you're done with these pair of running shoes.

2. Your body weight

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In general, the heavier you are, the faster your shoes will wear. If you are over 150 pounds, you can only mark the 300 miles with your shoes, but if you have less than 150 pounds, you can be closer to the 500 mile point.

You have to judge yourself how to feel shoes while walking on them daily. If you start to notice heavy and sore joints, this is a good sign, it's time to change these shoes for a new pair.

3. Where Are You Running?

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Do you usually walk in open spaces or walk in forests and trails? If it's essentially a terra business, do it, you can have a little more life out of your shoes compared to when you are on a similar field. The support and stabilization of your shoe is more tested in the scenarios, resulting in faster wear.

Keep these points in mind when you do your training sessions. Having a good pair of running shoes is crucial to your success, so it's important that you do not ignore this critical element.

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