How to make a Cake of Homemade Chocolate Pie Scratch in 5 steps?

Are you too boring for all occasions with the same black forest pie? The following recipe will teach you how to prepare for homemade chocolate cake in five simple steps. So, forget about the regular chocolate cake, then go for a delicious home-made chocolate cake and surprise your family with your knowledge.

Before you start the preparation, you need to make the following items a tasty cake with chocolate flavour. You would need an oven for this purpose, along with a pre-made pie that is easily available in the markets. They would need sugar at one cup and a quarter teaspoon of salt tea, two cups of milk, chopped together with three tablespoons of cocoa and flour 3 egg yolks, two tablespoons of butter and the essence of teaspoon vanilla. You can replace the cocoa with chocolate; However, the amount must be reduced. A square and half of chocolate in the kitchen enough would be used for mixing chocolate cake preparation.

1. To start the oven, set the temperature to 350 degrees.

homemade chocolate

Require his chocolate cake to bake cassette. Do not forget to pierce holes in piecrust and continue baking to develop a brown tint. This can take up to 20 minutes to prepare the estimated time needed to fill your cake.

2. While cooking the crust, you can make home-made chocolate put the rest of the ingredients for the cake.

homemade chocolate

Use add the squares of chocolate or cocoa, flour, sugar and salt a bowl of flour. Stir the mixture well together. So prepared, and you beat egg yolks and paste them into the first mixing flour and cocoa. You can save the White Egg meringue to prepare.

3. Pour into a 4-liter jar of milk and the first mixes and keep cooking low heat.

homemade chocolate

Be sure to keep cooking with constant and regular movement, the mixture will prevent the shell. When developing the lumps in the mixture, they hit. When the mixture begins to bubble and thicken the fire.

4. Now it's time to add your vanilla extract and butter.

homemade chocolate

When these ingredients are added, the mixture over the heat and stirring sweeps continues until the butter begins to melt in the mixture.

5. The final step is to pour the mixture into the housing.

homemade chocolate

Sometimes if you do not have time to scratch a homemade chocolate cake from the ground, but you want that fresh, delicious flavour.

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