The best Models that Your Child of the Heelys Little Kid / Big Kid Fray Skate Shoes

One of the most popular brands of shoes today is the Heelys, a brand of shoes with heel wheels that you can use to skate. One of the best models that your child will love of this brand is the Heelys Little Kid / Big Kid Fray skate shoe. This is a detailed overview of this model.

General description

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If you are looking for a beautiful Heelys model for boys and girls, the Fray is perfect for kids of all sizes. There are small sizes for children, medium sizes for pre-teenagers and big sizes for teenagers. You can definitely find the perfect fit for your child. The unique features of the Fray not only make an excellent pair of roller shoes, but also elegant shoes. Like all other Heelys, Fray components are perfectly designed to withstand constant abuse, abrasion and friction contact and rough surfaces. The rubber soles and rubber protective cover make this shoe ideal for everyday use and stay forever in the middle of uninterrupted walking and skating. The shoe wheel is classified as ABEC 1, which is a class system used by manufacturers of bearings. However, sorting does not affect the quality of the wheel when skating. The bike is perfectly designed to skate if you put your weight on the heel and when you use it properly, you can take the Heelys wheels for a long time.


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The features that make the Fray exclusive are the distressed fabric that looks more robust and tighter. The upper collar is lined for a more comfortable fit, so you do not feel any pain or discomfort when skating with these shoes. The Heelys Wave Comfort All Bracket brand is designed to provide comfort and stability, so even if you have longer skates, you do not feel any pain in your feet. The extra wear-resistant construction of the shoes is vulcanized so that the Ninja Grip treatment and the rubber grip are very resistant and can be cut and moved from the base of the fabric.


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There are several colors you can choose to get the Fray. There is also a female color of black with a hint of pink on the logo, lace, tongue and side rubber coating. A gray version of the Fray has blue and white accents on the logo, arches, tongue and side rubber coating and also has blue wheels. The Cream Fray has an orange trim on the sides and an orange logo with white rubber soaks, blunt and lace upholstery and white arches. There is also a white and white Fray with white wheels, which is a very cool model for boys and girls. A brown version of the Fray has a dark brown fabric, light brown logo and coating on the sides and white arches.

Heelys are only for short skates and not for real sports skates.


There are many universes for boys and girls, but the Heelys Little Kid / Big Kid Fray skate shoe is a great model that will keep your child safe. It's comfortable, stylish and easy to use, so I recommend this pair of skates for all boys and girls.

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