Tips for choosing Your CCTV Cable

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If you have a full-wired cable monitoring system running on your video and power signals; You must first take a short moment to test the following cables before buying your CCTV. These tips help you get some knowledge and to understand their cables.

Codes of fire and CCTV cable

When you simply plug your CCTV cable into an area that supports the return of airflow in ventilation; Then you need some CCTV gun.

Distances Cable CCTV

It is very important that you have a good idea of ​​how far you need to carry the CCTV cable before buying. When installing your system with a maximum of 600 feet to 800 feet between the devices; So a standard coaxial cable RG59 should be fine.

Learn what your CCTV cameras use

Standard composite video cameras CCTV

As a rule, their standard surveillance cameras use an analog composite video signal of 1V top-top (NO RF). This is extremely important to know why an RF signal uses coaxial aluminum to send the signal to the receiver or TV system. CCTV coaxial cable with a 95% network and a solid copper core, if possible.

Network Camera

CCTV coaxial cable connection is usually not required for network CCTV cameras, and they will use an Ethernet cable such as CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 6, and so on ... These cables are ratings of the Plenary and non-plenary as well as your coaxial cables are made.

To know what kind of CCTV cable your surveillance camera, the distance over which the cables work and a little information about the cable are incorporated into an air duct situation; You will be better prepared to make a well-informed decision and find out if your wireless CCTV is buying.

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