Top 10 Elements in the Application UI Design

In-app elements are like the people in terms of customers in your business. You receive careful customer input, also known to users of the application. Here are the top 10 UI elements selected by us:

1) Icons

image from KarachiCorner

Your app icon is the face of your app (and acts as a brand logo when your application becomes iconic!). It must be easily visible and clearly represent your application.

2) Buttons

image from Apple Developer

A button usually appears in the background and may have symbols or text as components. The keys are of different types: single button, drop-down button, alternative button, check boxes, field options and others. All these, especially call-to-action buttons, must be deliberately designed and placed.

3) Search fields

image from Smashing Magazine

Search fields are typically at the top of the screen and play an important role in user navigation. They must be visible and it is advisable to provide an attractive standard question to encourage the user to take action. It postulates the application as friendly and interactive, so it is clear that a target must be entered in the search field / field.

4) Breadcrumbs

image from Pinterest

As the name suggests, show the breadcrumbs where you left the homepage. You specify the current location and all previous pages that were opened by the user. This is visible as a series of page titles that are captured with arrows that describe the flow of users.

5) Notifications

image from LinkedIn

There are two types of notifications: in-app notifications and push notifications. While the former increases ease of use by helping the user make better use of the application's features, the user will return the user. Examples of in-app notifications are an introduction to application usage and new features. Push notifications are similar to in-app notifications, except that they have access to the mobile user, even though the app is not open.

6) Tool tips

image from UX Planet

A tooltip is an incredibly useful element. Appears when the user scrolls for an item quickly gives the most detailed description or usage tips. This indicates the needs of users and improves application experience.

7) Popup window

image from Telerik

They do not like it, but if they get moderate and help the user, they can be a real benefit.

8) Loading elements and placeholders

image from Freepik

These, along with other elements as icons, are part of the microinteractions - a simple, visual way of presenting and completing a process for the user. The idea is to give the user a real-time feedback about each function that the application performs. A placeholder is something that contains space or screen while the full content is loaded. It usually shows blurred contours of content containing last or partial content.

9) Tags

image from DzineWatch

Tags are terms that refer to specific elements that make them easy to search. This element is important, especially if your application manages a large database.

10) Image carousel

image from Gajotres

Well, not all of us enjoy these images with beautiful descriptions of a moving line to show another before we have enough? It is definitely a must for e-commerce applications.

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