Use The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Walking Poles

Walking sticks have been made for long walks to help hikers. Many people use a few walking sticks in an action similar to a cross-country skier. Normal walking sticks are used by hikers throughout the country, from pleasant landscapes to high tourist taxes.

For many people walking sticks are easier. Some people find that walking stools relieve pressure on their knees, especially when moving hills. Balance is a motive for many people to use sticks. Traces or muddy sections, low snow or even river crossings can be much easier if you have your trust posts to leave.
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Disadvantages for chairs

Not good news with sticks. Bringing the load through the poles means that you have tired arms and shoulders at the end of a long walk, not just the trouble of legs. Some people get painful wounds with sticks, although this can be overcome with proper use of bracelets.
In the depths, such as heath or long grass, the poles can be deceived. Some hikers are dependent on their poles far above the snowfall if they would be safer if wearing an ice ax, so they have become a safety guarantee.

Types of bars

Hiking stalls are usually two or three sections with a latching mechanism or lever to facilitate the extension or reduction of their length in motion. At the base is often a snow basket or trekking, to stop the rod that goes too deep in the mud or snow.
Down is a sturdy steel or tungsten tip for maximum grip on a variety of surfaces. Some poles have detachable rubber feet, which can be used on smooth surfaces. There are also longer posts, specializing in Nordic Walking.

Use with sticks

The use of walking sticks is quite self-explanatory, but there are additional tips that make it easier to use your poles. You go in each hand and place each pole for you with the opposite foot or if necessary.
In sloping sections, extend your poles longer than normal, so you can take a few feet below you to take some tension of your knees and legs. Proper use of the bar handle can make a difference in your walking experience.
Move your hand through the loop on the lower belt, open your hand and lower it into the loop and turn your fist in one move. A large part of the weight where wrist fatigue is reduced when using sticks pass band and arm over the wrist.

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