What Are You Must Have Windows Server Essentials Something Different?

If you need a small business with almost zero IT support, but your remote device management, connectivity and data storage, we recommend you to go to Windows Server Essentials. Microsoft is loved for its server solutions. However, you must have Windows Server Essentials something different.

-) What are Windows Server Essentials?

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It is a product from Microsoft that offers industrial and home-based solutions. The product is aimed at small businesses with zero IT support and shows the company's commitment to the market. The following are some of the features you can find with this product to:

Simple installation 

Microsoft provides a simple process for configuring Windows Server Essentials.

Easy management

You will find the instrument panel simple and clear.

Navigation bar

You can click the navigation bar to access relevant tasks and information.

Field of action

You can check this panel for a brief description of the tasks and features.

Categories panel

You show features to help you get all kinds of information and information tools, so you can customize your server and configure access.

-) Price tag

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Windows Server Essentials is not as much as other versions of Microsoft Windows costs. So this is an ideal solution, even if you have a small budget.

-) Lack of resources

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Windows Server Essentials does not have many features that you can find on other Google products. Below is a list of them:

Server core
SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange

-) With the product for business

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The following are some features of Windows Server Essentials can be used with ease and implemented:

Shared folders

Windows allows you to share files via shared folders.

Groups and Users

If you share files and folders, you need to grant permission.

Storage rooms

This feature allows you to manage your server's storage as a pole.

Media exchange

This feature allows you to share photos, music and videos over the Internet or your local network.

So if you're a small company with a few dozen employees, we recommend trying this server operating system.

Are you looking for a server for your server? If so, we recommend checking Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

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