What is The Drone Bee?

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What is a drone? Webster defines a drone as a lazy person. Here the name of the bees is obtained. A fat lazy bee and unable to take care of herself.

A drone is a male bee, the only male inhabitants of the bee colony. His only purpose is to mate with a virgin bee queen. Right to your description, a drone bee lives in total luxury. Growing fat because it has absolutely nothing to do before eating next to the food. A drone, dying soon banned from the basket because it's not a sting. A drone can not defend himself when attacking a predator.

Unfertilized ova drones, making each egg only queen's DNA. This is called parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis is the process by which the queen deliberately puts something larger unfermented in its cellular waste egg. The drone bees diet consists of a mixture of gelatin pollen, honey and employees.

If a drone bees by the workman looks different, it can often be confused as queen. But with further consideration, they can help distinguish them easily from a queen with her big, narrow eyes on her head. The body of a dar as afunilante the cylindrical body and thinner queen. A drone is used by many beauties beginners to the queen successfully marking because they do not practice stingers.

Lazy and fat by nature, they will not help in the activities around the hive, such as making offspring, honing cure or building hairstyles. In a colony of the drone is tolerated only because it is necessary to spread the genetics of the stick. The only task of the drone, as already mentioned, is to mate with the queen, and after completion it will die soon.

It's a miracle and a mystery for us, because after a drone dies, couples die. It's because, as the coupling takes place somewhere eight hundred feet in the air, coupling a drone bee device is barking, similar to the Stinger employees. Although considered a sluggishness and a fat, a drone is a hero, after all; Enabling life to live, live more hundreds of bees and stay the cycle of the stick.

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