Where Do Mosquitoes Hide? Mosquito Control And Protection Bases

Where do mosquitoes hide in your garden?

The foundations of mosquito control 101 include the knowledge of your enemy: where they hide in your garden or yard, and then how they can be approached in their own environment. You can spray your entire garden with mosquito repellent, but it has no lasting effect if you do not know where to hide!

Before you understand your habits, first understand them. Which weather makes mosquitoes fun and where do they hide if the weather is not suitable for them? We will not discuss entomology here, but the tips we offer are valid.

Where mosquitoes hide?

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Mosquitoes do not like the cold weather. They are insects and so cold-blooded. They feel hot weather, up to 80 degrees or more, and can not work well below 50 degrees. Some species seem to flourish in Alaska and Siberia, but you should only take care of the native species in your area.

They are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale and the chemicals in your sweat. They can be curled up to 75 meters. Dark clothing absorbs and retains heat, so use bright colors during mosquito repellent.

The answer to this is always that they feel safe and comfortable. They love shadows and moisture instead of intense sunlight. Long grass and large bushes are popular, as well as the bottom of the leaves of bushes, trees and other plants.
In fact, everywhere not exposed to the sun and the conditions are warm, humid, wet and preferably too - they also tend to conceal at the bottom of the open drainage procedures, in abrasive sheds and pilots. They hate the wind.

How to check mosquitoes: mist systems?

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By knowing where they hide, it is possible to control mosquitoes by selectively spraying these areas. If you know an area in your backyard, where these insects tend to collect during the day and at night know, then a good spray insect repellent is temporarily controllable.
A fog system fails an insecticide, usually permethrin, from the lower part of the leaves and other areas, hiding mosquitoes. Automatic mosquitoes are available for maximum control over longer periods.


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Where do mosquitoes hide?

As described above, these insects are hidden by bright lights and winds, preferably in hot and humid conditions. By identifying these areas in your backyard by performing a first zapping session with a mosquito spray and then driving with a mosquito control atomization system, you have the best chance of being free from these keeping your yard or farm annoying And often dangerous insects.

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