3 Guaranteed Ways To Execute Your Motivation To Running Motivation

Race and motivation go hand in hand. In fact, the right motivational strategy is the key to a sustainable and coherent delivery program. Many people start very motivated, but after a while they lose their mojo, so they stopped running.

For years to start a running program and hoping to run for the rest of life just to "take a break" and start again a few months later. Running for about 2-3 months, do not see many results and stop.
In order to have high motivation, you must learn to motivate yourself and stick to that. Just like any other skill, with consistent practice, you get consistent results. Here are the 3 most effective motivational strategies.

1. Driving strategy and away from motivation

Driving strategy and away from Running Motivation

We, humans, do things for two reasons: we want to have joy or we want to avoid pain. The strategy of alienation is instinctive and unconscious; We do it all the time, without thinking about it. Try to answer these questions: What state and specific approach will motivate you the most?

2. Goal Setting

Goal Setting Running Motivation

The goal is the process of getting the "why your action". If you have practiced the above strategy, this process is easier.

Simply follow these simple rules:

Make your goals action-oriented:

Create a thoughtful plan that will achieve your goals.

Do your specific goals:

Avoid vagueness and illusory thinking.

Make your goals measurable:

So you'll make sure you know when you've reached them and that you can make yourself more challenging and challenging.

3. Race partner

Race partner Running Motivation

The pleasure of healing is the surest way to a sustainable and successful program.
  • Getting good shape and staying fit requires focus and motivation - managing a training partner can make the movement enjoyable and help you stay on track.

  • Connect your local racing club and choose the right partner for you - do not worry, there is always someone who exactly matches what you need.

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