4 Guide To Milk Oolong Tea Flavored And Found To Be In Comparison To The Authentic

Guide To Milk Oolong Tea Flavored And Found To Be In Comparison To The Authentic

With the rise of milk tea markets, such as Taiwanese milk tea and tea drinks, the kind that sometimes have tastes in it, the real premium quality of milk Oolong known, the masses have been completely changed.

Many claim to sell milk oolongs, but these are artificially flavored and found to be in comparison to the authentic.

1. What is Oolong milk?

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Originally this tea product is a variety (a variety of plants produced by selective breeding). It is derived from a tea bush found in different regions of Taiwan. It is more popular in areas such as Jin Xuan, Camellia sinensis species.

Today, Jin Xuan is one of the four most important cultures in Taiwan: it's not a small piece of art because hundreds of species are grown in Taiwan alone.

This tea is made of pure spice leaves and no drop of milk is used. In western bodybuilders, Jin Xuan is so unusual that it does not even have a name in English.

2. How did Oolong make milk?

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Authentic milk oolong is very tasty and popular. Once separated, oxidation begins; If you allow the oxidation to follow its course, you will find black black tea with a little astringency. If you prefer green tea, stop rusting before storing the bright green properties of the leaf.

Oolongs are the partially oxidized products or the output developed at the desired oxidation levels. Jin Xuan is oxidized everywhere between 80 and 85 percent oxidation.

However, the oxidation time, although important, is not the general process of performing Jin Xuan. Temperature and humidity play an important role in creating an oolong with standards at par. Then roasting starts a process presented for the entire cycle for almost all the teas.

The main attraction of this type of processing is to evaporate the water in the leaves and allow the leaves to rest to produce different types of flavors.

3. How the taste of Oolong milk?

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The Jin Xuan Oolong Milchtee has a very milky profile, always confused with milk or cream. That's nice. I love toast with an abundance of sweetness.

The tea leaves are transformed into a thriving aromatic taste after the first dip with a secondary creamy flavor that softens the mouth. Several flavors can be obtained from its complex leaves.

A Teetaxi produces everything from a deep chocolate flavor with pastry, butter scent and flowers to almost tropical tasting in only one party of Jin Xuan Oolong tea leaves. You can heal this tea a dozen times and it will give a different taste every time.

4. How to prepare milk Oolong Tea?

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Complex tea, such as these, requires a high degree of skill in brewing. This tea flourishes in boiling water, and the secret is made in small quantities with a heavy hand. If you have large leaves, make sure they expand their size twice as often as they can ease the taste.

For convenience, the three kinds of tea are from Jin Xuan Green Oolong, Ooongong Oolong and Dark Oongo. Green oolong or jade oolongs are the most popular because they resemble a taste similar to green tea, but more flourishing and spicy.

But the half-grilled and dark Oongongo is so good, the first is a taste of honey, sesame and grain, while the dark oolong can be as strong as the taste of the coffee.

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