4 Health Benefits of Your Own Vegetarian Garden

Frankly, even if you have the place, why would you dig the whole problem to dig up on the ground to grow something if you can get everything on the vegetable market or in most stores? The soil is impoverished by modern farming methods of essential vitamins and minerals.

More and more nutrients are removed from the ground on which the food we eat grows. Convention-growing fruits and vegetables were sprayed with pesticides to protect plants from insects, fungi and fungi. In addition, they are usually loaded with toxic pesticide residues that harm our health. Therefore, these plants contain less antioxidants than those you would grow in your own vegetarian patch.

The other taste of a tomato grown from their own garden to the market is just the taste, we do not see the quality in the tomato. There are continuous tests on fruits and vegetables. This study showed that, for example, broccoli, which grew in the sixties until the late 1970s, contains 50% more calcium than it has grown today. The fact is: when it comes to good food, even the healthiest diets lack nutrients and vitamins.

1) Create your own vegetarian garden

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Making a garden is the first benefit to health that you get the exercise to create your garden before the vegetables grow. Sorry, there are many apologies for doing things. Cut them all aside and start making their own vegetable garden, because the rewards are outweighing something else.

Composting is also part of gardening with different elements of nature. The addition of materials and organic elements is to make a connection to enrich the soil. Start composting with a compost holder designed for this purpose. When it comes to gardening, worms are an important part in increasing soil fertility. Growth and development of plants are deep and greatly enhanced by these little worms and the success of gardening.

2) Growth in Pots

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Growing tomatoes are a passion for many people because tomatoes are the kind of vegetables used and implemented in different dishes and recipes. You can eat many salads, grilled meat, grilled cheese, even eat if it adds a little salt. Gardening tomatoes is an interesting process in general and you can grow it in pots too. The same goes for herbs; as well as for tomatoes choose a sunny place: full sun.

3) Do not throw away

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Growing your own vegetables is one thing, preparing them to eat without losing something is another. Growing vegetables are like ejecting the baby with bathing water. Many people make the mistake of cooking the vegetables and throwing the water with all the goodness in it. To take advantage of all the goods after baking their own vegetables, they should be slightly steamed and crusty when they eat them. There are ways to prepare vegetables without cooking them.

Did you know that when you add salt to the water while cooking, do you accelerate the extraction of minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium? Another fact is that broccoli and some other vegetables lose up to 90 percent of their nutrients when they are microwaved.

Since the beginning of our food industrialization, much of the diet has been lost in over and over-processed foods. When visiting this huge farm potatoes, as far as an eye can see, nothing but potatoes; noticed this little piece of potatoes on the other side of a barn and asked the farmer: 'You're growing here too.

4) Stay healthy

image from Dr. Whimsy Anderson, ND

Therefore, it is almost impossible to get all nutrients from normal foods only. For our body to stay healthy, it needs daily intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients to maintain good health and well-being. This little vegetable growth in your own garden is the right way.

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