5 New Android features use Android Wear Apps 2.0

The operating system is optimized for hands-free operation. We offer 5 new features to Android Wear 2.0 for Android application development.

1. A new App Launcher

A new App Launcher android wear apps

The application launcher has been redesigned to include the round screen format and appears unorganized. The interaction of the device was easy to use for new modifications in the launcher applications. When you press the side key, applications appear in an arc and a new action tray at the bottom of the screen will provide contextual actions similar to those found on your smartphone.

2. Notification access

Notification access android wear apps

The new update disables the interface, especially for the spherical interface with well placed cards. When the user calls the watch to activate it, the notification card is first removed before it is hidden. The upward scrolling action allows the user to view the notifications normally. The clean maps have been redesigned with a bright text on a black background and a dark text with a white background. Both options are available as a battery saver and reduce the penetration of light notifications.

3. Learn more about Fitness

Learn more about Fitness android wear apps

Android is friendly with regards to fitness and with the new smartphones, Google is exploring new opportunities in fitness applications. The new wear version comes with Google Fit integration and offers a new feature for automatic activity detection. The user can open applications relevant for execution, walking or cycling, and detecting the activity that the appropriate application will open. Music applications can be viewed directly from the home screen without connecting the device. The Google Fit application can now automatically detect and save the activity. Data exchange between devices and applications has been verified.

4. Message options

Message options android wear apps

Messaging is a limited activity on the small screen from now on and with new keyboard and voice options, it's likely to improve with version 2.0. a small keyboard can be scrolled on the screen to enter messages, and handwriting recognition allows the user to write single letters or connect words for messages. Gmail's intelligent responses will be accessible with three likely responses as instructions to send a quick response to the contact. By touching the message, the user can access the options to reply to the message.

5. Best Keyword

Best Keyword android wear apps

With the new version, users can now enter text directly into the clock, which is a welcome update. There is support for handwriting recognition and swype entries with a traditional input option. Users can dictate their responses, although only short messages work correctly in the preview version. You can access the answers stored in Usure, which displays three contextual responses.

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