6 Things To Do In Kyoto To Spend A Lot Of Time Exploring

Things To Do In Kyoto To Spend A Lot Of Time Exploring

Kyoto city visitors want to spend a lot of time exploring because there are many things to do. Here are just some of the most popular activities that visitors to Kyoto can attend.

Expert travel guides can answer questions from visitors through the Kyoto streets and there are many excellent photos. There are many trips to different feet, so the visitors choose the tour that best suits your needs.

1. Cycling tours

Cycling Kyoto

Cycling through the streets of Kyoto is an excellent exercise, and this is also a handy way to get around. Those renting a bike at one of the many Kyoto-based stores use pedal power to reach most of the city's attractions, while special tours also take cyclists in the city's and surrounding areas.

2. Meditation

Meditation Kyoto
The Kyoto in Zen meditation sessions are filled with full explanation of the meaning and importance of any type of meditation and is the ideal way to relax.

The temples of Taizo-in and Shunko in northern Kyoto are excellent places to meditate, while there are also many places to choose from in other districts of the city.

3. Blossom Viewing

Blossom Kyoto

Visitors who are in Kyoto in April and May want to cure your trip with the season of cherry blossoms. In addition to the beautiful cherry blossoms, the blossoms of plums give the city the middle of March and can take a walk through Kyoto Botanic Garden and Kitano Tenmangu.

4. Onsens

Onsens Kyoto

Differences are sources in Japanese style and there are several variants for visitors to try. One of the most popular species known as rotten buro and consists of an outdoor shower natural environment.

5. Amusement Parks

Amusement Kyoto
Those who are young in heart can have fun in theme parks colored Kyoto. The Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, known as the Kyoto Studio Park, serves as a combination of a theme park and the beautiful Toei Movie Country movie.

Here visitors find impressive models of buildings and traditional Japanese monuments used to produce historical films and television shows.

6. Cooking classes

Cooking Kyoto

The Kyoto visitors, who are passionate about Japanese cuisine, will enroll for a course in Japanese cuisine. Cooking classes are available at different locations throughout the city, including some of the leading hotels in Kyoto, and learn all about the art of Japanese cuisine.

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