6 Top tips for Preparing the Sports day

For many schoolchildren, the sports day is one of the highlights of the summer season. There are few children able to withstand the call to the class to be defective for the day and offers a great opportunity to go out for a little competition and free energy!

You want to make sure you put everything in place, from a list of games to the sports equipment needed for each challenge, not to mention the sports day Awards and Certificates; and as with any school element, this can be seen as an irresistible challenge. Do not panic. Top tips for preparing the sports day:

1. Focus on goals

It is important to remember that the sports day has a number of very important learning goals that go beyond a sporting activity. It's a great opportunity to promote teamwork, social skills and fine arts to work on a goal. Identify some key goals that will help you to customize your schedule for the big day.

2. Think of the Sports Day Awards

If you are looking for inspiration, there are many cheap options that include sport-related reward stickers or for a true "wow" factor, consider personalizing your award sticker - personalized stickers can be your school's name, the date of to show the event and even logo and so much more.

Sports Tags certificates are also a good option, not only do students celebrate success, but mark the event on a personal touch - and you can be sure that this will be proudly displayed on the fridge at home for a while!

3. Special prizes for the winners

To save costs, sports stickers, as above, are always a big success, but if you have the budget, maybe choose some small gifts that are nice and light like a small bag of good or a stamp, but it's so important to think about the race that will keep during the day and that all children have a good chance of doing good in at least one event.

4. Encouraging inclusion 

Most children love Sports Day, but there are some children who can not share this enthusiasm for various reasons. Think of activities that you can take in the day to create confidence in less enthusiastic children, such as fun team games or simple fun events. Sports day is a great opportunity to take in, and with the right level of planning it can all be a day.

5. Direct other team members


It's important that other members of staff know their role on the day. Think about how you can use their skills to not only manage the children, but maintain interest during the day, and encourage a light-hearted sense of competitive spirit!

6. Promote the event


Create a presentation promotion display to increase the anticipation or simply write the details of the event on a few posters to place in the higher traffic areas at school.

With good planning, Sports Day can be a great memorable event that offers a great opportunity for teachers and students to enjoy the sun and have some fun, friendly competition experience.

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