Bad CCTV Power Supply? A Multi-Camera Surveillance System

Bad CCTV power supply?

If you have a multi-camera surveillance system; then you probably use a CCTV power box with multiple inputs on all CCTV cameras.

First step or last step

The first or last step may be to take another CCTV power supply and replace this person to know if you are starting with the new power.

Now this is an easy first step for an installer or reseller of the monitoring because they quickly access another power source. Whether the new Power Box works and activates your monitoring system; or have the same mistakes as the other.

Bad CCTV Power Supply?

If that works, you've probably found that your problem is in the power box itself.

Next Step - Camera Short?

If you have a surveillance camera that has an electrical short-circuit in your connector on the power supply; then that would force your current source to go down.

To test this may take some time, but you must connect each camera separately to your power supply and test whether any of them interrupts the boot system. If you find a camera that intersects the system, determine if it is the CCTV cable or the surveillance camera.

To do this, you need to hold another power and video cable or take one of a power source and test the camera again. If the new cable is not working; then you need to check your power connections on your camera and possibly replace the camera yourself.

Try the power cord and connector

Frankly, this should be the first step in particular; because if you blame you save a lot of time. Each CCTV power box has a plug that is plugged into a wall outlet, and to test it, try replacing the cable or plug the plug into multiple sockets to see if the socket is missing.

Check the fuse

If you only experience power outages on certain surveillance cameras, you can use a blown fuse (assuming using a molten power supply). Most CCTV power boxes come with replacement fuses and backup replacements can do the trick.

When trying these different methods of problem solving; You can precisely determine where the problem of CCTV power is.

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