Chocolate Pizza and Edible Pretzels to Delight Your Sweet Tooth

America likes pizza and pretzels. From mini-bites to loaded versions, we never get enough pizza or pretzels. You can replace your favourite chocolate and other pads for the lists below. Children can also participate in personalizing their treats. Start with a pre-cooked sugar cake crust. To use a homemade sugar biscuit instead of the chilled biscuit in most supermarkets. Fresh counts here. Place the sugar cookie on a parchment cover sheet. Spread a mixture of broken chocolate pieces with milk and white chocolate on your sugarcane. Take some miniature marshmallows and spread them over the chocolate. Cut some bananas and place them on top of the Marshmallows. Add your favourite chopped walnuts.

Chocolate Pizza

Remove from oven and allow to cool completely. Make a small peanut butter in the microwave with 10 seconds until smooth and smash over your chocolate pizza.

To take pretzels with chocolate, you start with miniature pretzels. Add a full caramel bag and two tablespoons of liquid sour cream in a microwave bowl. Stir and microwave for 10 seconds until the caramel mixture is completely smooth. Use parchment paper with butter spray to cover your counter. Put a mini- pretzels in a corner in the caramel mixture. Turn the handle to remove the excess caramel and place it on the parchment paper with the better blower. Repeat until all caramel mixtures are used. Leave the caramel cold. When the caramel dispersion of the apron, you can gently wrap it to soften around the apron, or you can use the kitchen scissors to remove the excess and smooth to prepare the caramel to dip in the chocolate.

In another microwavable dish, melting biscuits melt smoothly every 10 seconds. Remove the miniature stems from the parchment paper separately and pass them into a molten chocolate mixture. Turn them to remove the excess chocolate and replace the parchment paper to cool. Allow cooling before eating. If you want to add walnuts, coconut or other coatings, you can add them immediately after dipping the caramel-covered pretzel sticks in the chocolate coating.

Each of these chocolate gifts would be a great gift for someone who loves you. Smile and fun.

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