Delicious Chocolate Desserts, can never go wrong

I love chocolate! Recipes, especially chocolate desserts, can never go wrong. Why? Because the main ingredient is so delicious!

Say that chocolate desserts sometimes can sometimes be complicated. For example, if you have made Chocolate Fudge Toffees, for which you need to melt the chocolate in a pan, you should be very careful not to burn the chocolate.

1) Melting chocolate

chocolate desserts

Melting chocolate can be performed in different ways depending on the recipe you follow. For example, as I said before, for Chocolate Fudge Toffee, you can melt the chocolate in a pan over the heater. Place your chocolate in a bowl and, when boiling the water, place the chocolate bowl slowly into the pan so that the heat from the boiling water melts the chocolate.

Make sure you hold a wooden spoon to gently stir the chocolate to ensure that the chocolate is completely melted.

This method melts your chocolate well and will not burn as quickly as you melt on a stove. Also, in contrast to what chocolate melts on a stove, the chocolate does not tend to stiff when it is removed from heat. This makes it easier to work with the molten chocolate with the rest of the recipe.

2) Another way to melt chocolate is by using a microwave

chocolate desserts

It's an easy way to melt chocolate, but you have to watch some things while you do it;

a) The melting of chocolate in the microwave, although it takes place in minutes, can cause the chocolate or some of the chocolate to burn. So, if you use this method, make sure you check the chocolate regularly.

b) The effect of the steam in a microwave for cooking can also be used like the chocolate, which has not yet been so much so not recommend the chocolate melting in the microwave in one microwave.

c) For some of us, we use the pot on a stove to melt the chocolate because a little-burned chocolate over butter has this additional taste, especially the chocolate lovers who have this bitter taste in their desserts.

So, if you're like me, you want to go forward and melt on a heater, remember to do the following:

a) Keep the pot on the heater on moderate heat. Put the chocolate in the pan.

b) If you start to melt the chocolate, reduce the heat to a minimum and make it melt in this heat. Do not heat the heat if it floats too long. This causes the chocolate to burn quickly to the bottom, although the top is still melted.

c) Hold your bowl or plate while throwing the melted, finished and closed chocolate so you can spill when the chocolate melts. This sometimes causes the chocolate to burn.

d) When the chocolate is hardened by shaking the chocolate into the dish or plate, place it over low heat in the oven. Some of the other important points to consider when making chocolate-based desserts, especially with melted chocolate, always keep your dishes, dishes, spatula, oil paper, etc.

If necessary with butter. Just as important as the ingredients are for a delicious dish, as well as the tools and methods you will meet when you cook to prepare and cook happily!

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