Detox the Body and Longer of Toxins that absorbs Humans comes from Food and the Environment

The imbalanced body is compromised and only partial repair does not provide an option. The largest amount of toxins that absorbs humans comes from food, but the following tax comes from the environment. The air we breathe, the odors we tolerate and the places we choose are part of the imbalance of the organs and the system in general. These are things to consider when making lifestyle choices.

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We are complex in modern trends, because cities offer work and entertainment. They are full of joyful experiences, interests and people. They refer to the emergence of diseases and addictions that kill a large number of people. So what's the alternative?

Few are interested in living in the country where they are isolated and divorced. But that's where healthy living lives. Cities are filled with temptation. They have plenty of cafes, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. All this sheds the toxins for the consumer to absorb. Traffic is another source because carbon pollution is impossible to eliminate from the streets and even buildings. Although the internal air is mainly the air conditioning system, it is based on the recycling of the material inside.

Stress is also associated with living in a city. Hustling always takes public transport to the shops on time to please the boss and eventually find life generally boring and barely viable. Since the industrial revolution, the increase of all things that are now fatal to human life has increased. Carbon brings big changes to the climate and farmers struggle to produce crops. Many areas in food producing regions fight against drought, fire and floods. Increased hurricanes and harvest damage will end.

Refrigerators and freezers that keep food during this period destroy the enzymes and ultimately change the good properties. What remains is the most harmful toxin.

Cultivated fruits and vegetables have flavor and the flavonoids are essential for the body's immune system balance. Foods kept on shelves often go through a chemical process that is designed to keep it longer. Flavonoids are destroyed and most are tasteless, as many discover.

Insipid food is full of inflammatory properties. This arsenic is probably the worst and can be found in crops grown in areas where arsenic has entered the water table in rice fields. This element comes in the cells it accumulates and is extremely carcinogenic. Many popular foods contain large amounts of this grain today.

List of foods that include rice products include noodles, rice crackers, noodles, bran, cereal, male, muesli and so on. Babyn food also contains rice, and for the youth the note has been expanded. Children today are particularly vulnerable to cancer and include leukemia, brain tumors and others. Rice grown in the southern American states is grown on soils contaminated with arsenic using pesticides in cotton plants to control the level of gums.

To serve tasty food, delicious sauces are used and they also contain toxins. The life of the city is a place where they abound. Returning to nature and the great organic products that have become home is my answer to the problem.

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