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Kyoto remained the capital of Japan more than a thousand years ago. The initial perception of Kyoto one perceives is a city that has roots in its own traditions, but at the same time fuses with the modernization of this world.


Transport Kyoto

Kyoto is maintained by two Osaka airports, namely Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport, as none of them exists. Intercity Transport mainly includes buses, taxis, railways, and for those who want to enjoy the picturesque Kyoto fascination, it was also possible to walk slowly or get bikes. If you enjoy an important and first-rate treatment while traveling, you can reach this city in five-star first-class trains or in an executive-class ticket on a leading airline to reach this city for one completely tempting landscape.


Blossoms Kyoto

If you have the opportunity to visit this attractive city, enjoy the beautiful cherry and plum in full bloom. Kyoto is a world-renowned area that offers its visitors a panoramic opportunity for cherries and plums, especially during flowering. There are several places you can see, for example, East Kyoto, Central Kyoto and Northern Kyoto.

Festivals and events

Festivals and events Kyoto

On 3 and 4 February, the campfire celebration takes place in the Yoshida Shrine. The perfect season to see cherry blossoms is April 1st - April 15th. The visitors flowed in large numbers to take a look. Gion Masturi is one of the most famous events in Kyoto. Daimonji Gozan Okuribi is another event of its kind that pays reverence for ancestors.


Cuisine Kyoto

There are a number of options for food lovers in Kyoto. Kyoto is internationally recognized for its Matcha and Yatsuhashi. Matcha is mainly green tea, but there is also an ice-cream match for you. Other exclusive specialties include hamo, tofu, soup and kaseki-ryori.


Accommodation Kyoto

If you visit Kyoto in the Cherry Blossom or the Golden Week, the price of accommodation would be astronomical. Most of the accommodation that meets the needs of foreign tourists lies in the central city. Youth hostels are also a very reasonable and practical solution for tourists who want to live with some reduced costs but are not reduced facilities.

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