Healing High Blood pressure with Baked Bananas in Chocolate Sauce

Often, when people are put on a low sodium and low red meat diet, they think they eat that they know it's getting worse. A diet rich in nutrients, potassium, antioxidants and vasodilators does not require beans and tofu sprouts.

Back to bananas in chocolate sauce. This recipe is on EatWell.com together with a whole menu of heart-healthy meals.


chocolate sauce

Light-fat milk products are an excellent source of calcium.


chocolate sauce

The idea of the nature of fast food. Charged with potassium and fibre.

Dark brown sugar:

chocolate sauce

When you eat sugar, dark brown is the best. The dark brown has only 4g sugar compared to the 29g confection.


chocolate sauce

A Large source of manganese and fibre.

Dark Rum:

chocolate sauce

Same values as dark sugar. The alcohol is roasted.

Cold Butter:

chocolate sauce

A "bad" meal, but in such a small amount, disgusting and adds a lot to the taste.

Whipping cream:

chocolate sauce

Same as butter, although you can cut the fat with a lite version.

Cocoa powder:

chocolate sauce

Has twice found the number of antioxidants in red wine.

This is definitely not sprouts and tofu. Note that there are "bad" ingredients like butter and sour cream. A good blood pressure diet does not eliminate all fats. It eliminates the excessive use of fats consumed by most Americans.

This dessert is low in sodium, low in cholesterol, rich in potassium, nutrient fibre and calcium; Three items needed for high blood diet. In fact, this single line gives you 21% of your daily potassium, 20% calcium and vitamin C and 15% vitamin A. Bonaparte!

A brief review of his other recipes reads like a 5-star restaurant menu, including boiled tomatoes, banana-orange baked oven, boiled mussels in the tomato broth. Do you have a taste for a double cheeseburger that drips on smooth and salty fries?

Diet is an important factor when it is not the most important thing in controlling and reversing high blood pressure. This article contains a slight heartbeat to encourage you to eat well, but you know BPH is very serious. He's killing. Define a natural plan and then work on this plane. Your heart will thank you.

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