How does the free CCleaner look like other Registry Cleaners?

CCleaner, a registry recovery tool that comes in a free and paid version, created by the company Piriform, is known as a brilliant registry cleaner. In fact, we ran the timeline on our 32 Ghz 3 Ghz Pentium 4 computer and completed a log scan in less than 15 seconds. Our first question was how good a sweep was?

Our natural curiosity is wondering if a sweep of just 15 seconds can be as perfect as a sweep of two or four or six minutes.

image from CCleaner

Of course, CCleaner does not scan as many files as these other cleaners. Other cleaners, such as RegCure, eventually have more errors and void inputs in their scans selected as CCleaner. RegCure received eighty-eight errors on the same machine on which CCleaner has only one. Each utility has its own parameterization to choose what it classifies as a registry error. Some, choose mistakes on the warning page and thus fewer errors.

What matters is the fact that your registry is not corrupted by the cleanup and you can still use it without restoring the old backup. One of CCleaner's most important sales features is that it can do more than just clean the registry. It comes with a system cleanup function, a tool feature (with tools (to clear out obsolete and unused system files and logs) for uninstalling programs, managing your system boot menu, finding a missing file, restore the system to an earlier date and drive cleaner) and tab "options" (which you can manage cookies (which include / exclude function to clean files) and the "Advanced Settings" tab, including, restoring the default settings, as well as nine other articles).

Although we can not provide CCleaner a 100 percent registry cleanup registry, we can say that taking other skills if you do not use a useful program, another program that easily provides these other access maintenance options.

In the last analysis, all we can say is that CCleaner is a program that you might want to consider as an additional registry repair tool. Use it as a backup or attachment, but not as your primary registry utility.

To learn more about registry cleaners and other utilities that can help you keep your computer in the best shape, there are several comments about reputable sites. Use a search engine and one of the most important phrases "best registry cleaner" or "best registry fix" to find a few.

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